Civil Engineering


The income of a civil engineer differs not only for location, but also experience and position as is the same for many other careers. The longer you stay in a field the more experience you will gain not to mention the likelihood of promotion. More experienced workers have a good chance at acquiring senior positions which pay more. As time progresses income can increase. Civil engineers can see an increase from a five to a six digit income over time with raises and promotions for experience. As for location some areas have a higher demand for civil engineers than others and will pay far more for an experienced worker so the longer you have been a civil engineer the better.

12 Highest Average Pay by State for Civil Engineering

State Hourly Wage Annual Salary
New York $41.38 $86,074
Massachusetts $40.99 $85,260
Washington $40,70 $84,665
New Hampshire $39.89 $82,978
Hawaii $39.37 $81,886
Maryland $37.99 $79,015
Connecticut $37.98 $78,990
North Dakota $37.73 $78,472
Alaska $37.73 78,472
Wyoming $37.73 $78,472
Montana $37.73 $78,472
Nevada $37.73 $78,472